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July 4, 2018 - Come Join the Crowd

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wayne gustaveson

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Lake Powell Fish Report – July 4, 2018

Lake Elevation: 3609

Water temperature: 75 - 83 F

By: Wayne Gustaveson http://www.wayneswords.com or Wayneswords.net

Lake Powell is BUSY during the 4th of July week. There are lots of visitors lakewide enjoying the sun and warm water. Houseboats, fast running boats, kayaks, wake boats, and all other watercraft are on the lake now. When heading to Lake Powell for vacation it is wise to bring along a fishing rod to broaden the whole lake experience. Fisherman need to get up early and then stay up late to catch fish.

Early morning is the best time to catch fish. Rig up with a surface lure and toss that lure toward shore to attract smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and stripers. Bass will be near stickups or rocky cover. Stripers will be slurping anywhere from the mid channel in most long canyons to open water in the main channel. All these fish are very cooperative from the time the sky lightens in the east until the sun hits the water. The best lures for slurpers are small narrow topwater lures, small white jigs or swim baits, and Kastmaster type spoons.

As the sun comes up, so do the skiers, wake boarders and surfers. The lake gets busy and rough so be selective in choosing your fishing location. Run to the end of the long canyons like the Escalante, San Juan, Navajo, or near Hite. Or join in with those that are celebrating their time on the water with swimming or water toys.

In busy areas it is still possible to find a deep canyon or cove and fish with bait for stripers. Schools are moving along the canyon walls and can be found with a little effort. There were recent reports of striper schools at the mouth of the San Juan, the main channel in the Escalante Arm and at the mouth of Moki Canyon.

Big walleye have been caught recently while trolling with deep diving Fat Free shad lures. Down rigger trolling is another way to get the lure down to the cooler temperature zone where most fish hangout while waiting to head back to the warm surface water to chase some more small shad. During the day, fish move quickly from cooler, deeper water to the surface and then they go deep again in short order. This up and down activity really makes fish fight well during the hot days of summer.

Catfish are actively spawning in the backs of many canyons. When in spawning mode catfish are very active and catchable. Head to the back of the canyon where water is less than 25 feet deep. Use hot dog rounds, shrimp, worms or 3 inch artificial Gulp minnows. Begin fishing for catfish at dusk and continue into the night. Circle hooks are great hooks for catching catfish. It is possible to catch catfish with just a rod propped up in a rod holder with a bell on the tip to announce when a catfish comes calling. But I prefer to hold the rod in my hand to feel the first bite and then set the hook when the cat comes back for the second look. You will catch more catfish if you hold the rod instead of propping it up.


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