July 28th

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Dan Keller

UT DWR Fish Biologist
Overcast skies and rain really cooled air temperatures at Lake Powell this week, very pleasant temperatures for camping. Water temperature everywhere we checked was around 82 degrees. Bass are going to be deeper, a good tactic this time of year is using a heavier jig head and plastic bait, casting parallel to a sloping rocky shoreline. I like 1/4 oz jig heads when bass fishing at Lake Powell, but I will sometimes use 3/8 oz to stay on the bottom more. Drop shot rigs also work great. Early in the morning look for splashes on the surface, if you see any activity try casting a top water lure or shallow crankbait, bass will often burst up from deeper water for an exciting strike.

In the narrow canyon between Cha Bay and Piute (San Juan Arm) we found the first really good striper boil I have seen this year. By good, I mean the fish were in that seek and destroy mode where they will hit pretty much anything you cast out, we happened to have spinning rods with a Berkley J-Walker and Strike King Sexy Dawg Jr. tied on, into the frenzy they went, fast and furious fishing ensued. This boil was going strong after 15 minutes when we had to get going (I had a meeting to get back for).

If you’re not at the right place and time for a striper boil, look for striper schools on the graph. They will be holding at 25-30 feet or deeper. Trolling a deep diving lure in range of stripers is an effective method. I don’t like messing with down riggers at Lake Powell, although some use them with great success. I prefer to use a snap weight system, off shore tackle makes a great set, or the similar pressure lock snaps weights from Bass/Pro or Cabela’s, print a chart like the one attached to keep in your boat to give you an idea on how much weight to use.


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