July 14, 2021 - Boils begin up North

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wayne gustaveson

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July 14, 2021
Lake Elevation 3557.50
Water Temperature 80-83F

The lake level is now falling at about one foot per week. The inflow today is only 7,000 Acre Feet while outflow has increased to over 25,000 Acre Feet. The most recent (2005) low water level of 3555 will happen within the next three weeks. Wahweap Ramp has 2 lanes marked by orange cones at the bottom where you can launch your boat on metal mats. It is still possible to launch anywhere between the courtesy docks. Alongside of the metal mats the lake bottom has been covered with 8-inch round rocks where boats can be launched on an uneven rocky bottom.

Boats can still launch on Main ramp at Bullfrog on a sandy bottom or at the executive ramp. Halls Crossing ramp is still useable until 3555. New launching possibilities must be put in place lake wide if boats are still able to launch in August 2021.

Bass fishing is productive along rocky ledges, reefs and points near the junction with the main channel from dawn to about 9 AM. As air temperature went up the bass catch dropped off. Smallmouth bass were caught on crankbaits, top water plugs, Ned rigs and Yamamoto grubs and senkos. Shad, Bluegill or crayfish colors worked well but many other colors were just as effective. Bass were aggressive and responded well to fast moving plastic baits. Fast retrieves worked with crankbaits, while slower moving plastics baits were very effective. Choose your own fishing techniques and go catch some bass. Smallmouth were caught in shallow water and also as deep as 40 feet.

Stripers are boiling from the Escalante all the way to Good Hope Bay. The difference between boils and slurps is the size of the shad forage. Tiny shad are not fast swimmers and are easily captured by slow swimming young stripers. Boils are faster paced as stripers have to rapidly chase larger shad that can swim almost as fast as the predators. Stripers circle the shad school, drive it to the surface, then eat as many shad as possible before shad escape. Stripers are now boiling in Lake Powell which means they pop up in a circle instead of a line. Boiling stripers are aggressive. Just cast over the boiling circle and work your surface lure or crankbait back through the splashing commotion. These boiling stripers are not afraid of the lure splashing nearby and continue to feed until shad break away from the feeding stripers. The best time to find boils is early morning and late evening as the hot sun goes down. A variety of lures like Zara Spooks, rattletraps, and spoons cast over and beyond a school of surface feeding stripers are very productive.

In the southern lake there are still more quick slurps than full on boils as shad size is smaller. Boils increase in size and number from Rock Creek to the San Juan.

Bluegill are active and will provide good action for those casting worms toward old brushy areas. Catfish respond well to bait after dark. You may even find a walleye while fishing for bluegill and catfish. It is always fun to fish on Lake Powell.


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