If you get caught in a bad storm while in transit on a HB (with ski boats),


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wind on Monday ( via windfinder) shows wind all day at 20+ -- for me there is no way I go -- just not worth the stress-- Tuesday looks much better. stay a dock Monday -- play some cards, drink a beer.... leave early Tuesday and have a great time
I’m with Davew, Monday’s looking nautical, wait it out at the dock and leave early Tuesday...the rest of the week looks awesome. Wish I was there with y’all...stay safe and have a great week out there!


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In a 20 mph wind houseboats are nothing more than a shingle with a sail. And they drive about as well as that.
Me? Nope I'm at the dock in that weather but then, I'm retired from driving them for a living.


75x18 newer houseboat so their standard engines. Towing 2 ski boats. We figured we would try to beat the heavy winds by leaving early but even the morning looks like 10-15 mph winds. Getting pressure from the wife and kiddos to get the show on the road.

Is windfinder mostly accurate at Powell?


Do any of you know what the house pay rental procedures are in a situation with high winds? Will they let you stay in the marina?


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I go out in 20+ but I’m in a sailboat made to go out in wind. I saw people out on our last trip gusting to 30 and a lot of them wondered what to do🤔 one houseboat didn’t even make it through castlerock cut he was against the rocks with 8 people trying to push it off that’s how people get killed 8 people aren’t pushing a houseboat off the rocks when it’s blowing 30.


That's 20-22 steady--gusts will go over 30
What are you trying to prove?
As soon as you wake up and see the water, you won't get any grief from family/friends about staying in port for the day
(probably already before you go to bed on Sunday night)
This is a big one for so late in the year--typical of an April storm

Joe Bellomo

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About 20 years ago I got into a storm that came out of nowhere late in the afternoon. We were camped in a cove about 5 mi. upstream from Dangling Rope my buddy went into the store to pick up ice and beer, I was gassing up the person at the gas dock asked if we were going to antelope I said no. She said good they just reported 70 Mph. Wind. It dead calm then the wind hit I planned to ride it out on the dock but the dock broke loose so we had to get off there. I had locked all the rod lockers and compartments on my 20 Ft. Ranger Bass boat And started out of the cove to head for cover. We were swamped right away the boat was full of water and floating flat in the water with the motor still running All we could do was idle because the boat was so heavy. We ended hiding behind a small island. We pumped out the boat in about 1Hr. the storm broke the lake calmed we headed back to camp. Be safe, Be careful, And most of all be smart. Thunder storms can come out of the blue and this lake is big and it gets rough. Any Port In A Storm !!!
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Now I have some written ammo to show my wife when she wants to leave the dock in the white caps on Monday. The masses have spoken. Appreciate your feedback.
I learned the hard way my first year on our houseboat. You are the captain. You are in control and the one to make decisions. If you are questioning it, don't do it and protect those you are looking out for.