Iceberg Canyon


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Its been so many years since I have been to Iceberg Canyon. With the drought and low water levels, does the hidden lake still have water in it? We used to hike past it to the plunge pool at the end of the canyon along with the big cave. Brings back good memories.

Tiff Mapel

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I remember years ago we did an article in Lake Powell Magazine (now defunct) featuring that Iceberg lake. It was relatively unknown back then. There was not a footprint back there. And certainly no trash--completely untouched. I remember walking over the brush and reeds, and lizards and toads were everywhere. You had to be really careful to not step on them. In small pools near shore, they were so crowded with large tadpoles. Thousands of them! The place had so much life! The last time I was there, several years ago, the place was trashed out. How disappointing. I picked up so many beer cans and glass bottles. :( I hope that when the Trash Trackers resume next summer, they can get back in there. Or maybe we can organize our own clean up.