I Don't Want to Take the Dog to the Bathroom! SOLVED

Grant Stevens - USBR

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Tried that once wait till you see how much mud and sand the dog can bring back into the boat. Mine has to swim back now and she brings back lots of water.
Agreed, try to rig it so the end of the ramp is floating, deep enough where your dog can climb up from the water. If the end of the ramp is resting on the shore, I think you will have problems and the other end of the ramp may damage your boat, as the boat will still move around a lot. I'd try to copy this design:


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Our dog is small and he gets carried to shore and all poop gets cleaned up, thanks.
the bottom of the ramp will be in 1-2' of water to clean off my feet, and it can swing 45 degrees side to side with even touching the boat.
Only thing touching boat is straps.