Hwy 6 closure just North of Price, UT!!!

Dave I’m not sure where you’re getting 63 miles difference, we don’t go to Green River? The news Sunday night said it added 2 hours to go on I-70 to SLC from Green River and I wondered where they got their information from and then they said ”hitting I-15 near Beaver”? I guess if you went that way it would add 2 hours. Of course it adds that 25 minutes for me to go down 6 to Nephi so I wouldn’t do it but 70 is not a bad alternative if there is a wreck or heavy traffic on 6. The 12 minute difference in your figures from mapquest is the difference of going to Green River which we don't go to Green River, so the drive may be a little longer in mileage but real close in time because of speed limit difference. Just an FYI for those that may want to avoid highway 6 on a busy weekend. Truthfully I like the "not crowded" I-70 drive so it doesn't matter to me at all how people get to I-15.
I don't believe you went there Dworwood.
1. Green River was just a reference point. If you choose to ignore the Green River stop, then subtract 1 mile from the equation. That will bring you to the Hwy 6 intersection of I-70
2. I was wondering how long it would take before someone realized I made a mathematical error of 6 miles in the calculations in distance. I take full blame on that one. Coffee hadn't reached the proper portions of my brain for proper math at that point that morning. lol

I'm not saying at all that the other route is a bad option. I'm just saying in the 5 years I've been travelling it commercially, I've NEVER had a delay on that Hwy 6. Always smooth sailing in both directions. Just going off my experience.

Now, if I wanted to be like my neighbors, I could take the "safer" route and be an extra 57 miles in a tow. That would be an easy, extra $300 miles.

For someone that is mileage based, HWY 6 makes that much more sense.

Honestly, it is your decision on what route to take to Lake Powell. End of story,.
That's what makes America great. Choices.

Myself, I choose Hwy 6 for many reasons. Who wants to live forever anyways. haha
I looked at this on the map yesterday after seeing the news and also saw that it added about 20 minutes to go through Gunnison and Nephi, which is right in line with your statement. That seems very minor. I have had a number of times where we had far greater delays on the usual route through US-6. Once, they were doing construction on the road about midway between Green River and Wellington and a truck plowed into the back end of another truck that was carrying (if you can believe it) dummy bombs for the USAF. What looked like bombs were all over the side of the highway, so everything got shut down for a good hour until they figured out there wasn't an issue and got things cleared out enough to resume the usual one lane at a time going through the construction zone, resulting in a 2-hour delay in 110F heat. The other times have been in Spanish Fork Canyon originating at the Diamond Fork junction and causing backups all the way past the Thistle Junction and in one case nearly to the rest area. It seems that the potential for mayhem is greater on US-6 than nearly any other road in the state.
In the 18 years I've lived in Hanksville, I've never had more than a 1/2 hour delay in spanish fork canyon.
Like I said earlier, maybe it's just because of when I travel.

Ive never felt the need to "go around"