Huge Striper in Padre

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I've been a Wayne's Words reader for years, but I've never felt like I had a reason to post. But, this fish story is too awesome to keep to myslef.

On Monday the 29th we had just packed up the boat to head for the marina from a wonderful few days in the back of what I think is called Kane Wash (the next canyon to the west of Cookie Jar). Some of our family was staying behind on the houseboat for a few more days on the lake, but we had a commitment in Salt Lake on Tuesday morning, so we were in a hurry to get back to the marina so we could try to be back in Salt Lake by midnight.

As I punched the throttle to get moving I heard my bother exclaim "Is that a fish?". I turned my head just enough to see a young boy hoisting what was obviously a monster fish out of the water onto the back of the boat that had been beached just 50 yards away from our houseboat. Even though my wife was in a hurry to get on the road, I immediately turned the boat around to go see what the boy had hooked.

My wife was annoyed that I had turned around, so I didn't have time to ask all of the questions that I should have, but when we pulled up to check it out, we saw a family who seemed to have very little knowledge of the area, and even less knowledge about fishing. Yet, they were standing there with around a 36" striper that they had just caught somewhere close by. Apparently, when they arrived at the marina to start their trip they had asked some "old guys who looked like they fished a lot" what you use to catch fish at Powell. The men gave their daughter (the girl sitting on the deck next to the boy) some tackle. The girl was using the tackle to fish and hooked the fish of a lifetime. The father in said that the girl and her sister (not pictured) had reeled the fish in by themselves while he kept backing the boat up to keep it from breaking the line. They couldn't tell me what tackle they were using or where exactly they were fishing before my wife insisted I turn the boat around to leave. I don't even think they had enough fishing experience to realize they had just caught a trophy fish.

It was really cool to see. If anyone knows these people, reach out and see if they can give us the whole story. If you are the "old men" who handed out the tackle, please let the rest of know where we can get some of whatever magic you were handing out that day. :)


That’s amazing! They couldn’t tell you what tackle they were using? That’s strange. Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

The cynic in me thinks maybe they found it struggling on top of the warm water and picked it up. But I’m sure they wouldn’t spin a fish tale like that.

Great catch! Fish of a lifetime for sure.
A part of me wondered the same thing. We really were only there long enough to take those two pictures, so I couldn't press them. The only thing about the whole story that I thought was strange was that I couldn't see any fishing poles on or around the boat. With a girl that young and the family's obvious inexperience I expected her to hold up a Disney Moana or Frozen themed fishing pole, but I saw nothing. Either way, that is a huge fish.
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