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Playing the weather game on the south lake. Looks like a weather day again Monday. Thinking of pulling off the lake. For the day getting groceries and ice. Any recommendations for a hotel in page to charge trolling motor batteries and get a good shower. Must be pet friendly. This last weather episode we payed to camp in the wahweep campground and ran a cord to charge batteries and slept in the truck.
I think the travelodge is pet friendly and not a bad place to stay. This comes from a friend of mine in Page who has a small motel but does not allow pets due to insurance. Hope that helps
We've stayed at the Best Western there and they allow pets. Not the cheapest, but very nice place to stay.
We have stayed many times at the Quality Inn; pet friendly, decent rooms, lots of parking for boat trailers and a pretty good breakfast.
More info:
We stayed at the Page Rodeway Inn in March. $44 a night with breakfast, no pets allowed and I took up the only trailer spot. But it was ok for the off season. Lots of foreign tourists at the breakfast, which was cool to talk with them -

Safeway right across the street to load up the boat before heading to the lake.
Thank you for the info. We had a great trip to lake powell. We ended up camping on the lake most nights. But with the rain and wind we spent a few nights on shore. We ended up staying at the hotel right at wahweep. Very convenient being able to leave the boat "rigged" we ran a power cord to a lamp post and parked on view of the room. Expensive at $139 a night but very comfortable. The other night we stayed at the travel lodge in town. Easy parking no external power but cheaper at $89 a night. Only issue was very thin walls and ceilings so we could hear every foot step above us. Just wanted to follow up. Thanks again
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