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Hope everyone is having a great day .

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I am joining the Wayneswords family cause I have been visiting the site for everything Powell for years. I lived in Page for 10 years while working as a marine mechanic for a houseboat rental company. Used to take my boat out for lunch breaks and fish. Wonderful. When a shad ball came through you could hear the stripers banging off the pontoons and hulls of the houseboats. Great memories. Met my wife on Powell on a houseboat trip. 6 to 8 guys take at least one fishing trip a year for a week on a houseboat. This year we are going from May 11th to the 16th and will fish from mm25 to mm56. Can't wait. What a blast! WE all are so lucky to have this beautiful reservoir to enjoy. Great fishing to everyone and thank you Wayne and everyone else who makes this site possible. Birdsnest.

wayne gustaveson

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Welcome birdsnest. I hope that refers more to baby birds than tangles in fishing line. Either way we are glad to have you. Welcome back.
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