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I didn't make it up there two weeks ago. Chickened out since I haven't been up there since 2001, and it was going to be after dark by the time we arrived.
I went from the 11th through the 14th. You had to back up a ways to launch but it was easy. Easy to get down the lake. There were no logs in the water and it was fishable well before Farleys. Water in the "bay" in front of the old marina was about 9' if I remember right. It's only gone down about a foot I think.
The morning of the 11th it was overcast - we got the camp stuff put on shore and went to check out Farleys at 9:30. Immediately we were into boils for about an hour or so, and then they stopped. That night we again had some boils for about 1/2 hour. The next two days were pretty quiet. The lake was calm, skies were clear, we could see forever, and we went all the way down to Good Hope Bay. No boils in the mornings, just a few at night right by Farleys again. We tried anchovies, and I've caught many before with bait, but we just couldn't find them this time. I was a little discouraged by that, but hey - we did caught fish and had a great time. We were just hoping for a few more.
Where is Striper City? I guess I'm a newbie here and not familiar with that tag - although it sounds very promising!
That's kinda up for debate, but I call Striper City that area between Farley and 4 mile. For me personally, I tend to think Trachyte area.
OK thanks.

It would be nice if the lake rose another 40 ft. I'm much more familiar with the fishing with those depths. From 1990 -2000 you could catch all the stripers you wanted within a mile or two of Hite.
Good to see you're still fishing the lake Dan....been awhile since I've been up and online. I'll be camping and fishing in Farley canyon. Sept 1-5
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