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    Hello all. Looking forward to a trip to the lake depending on the weather on the 15th of April. Have been fishing out of Bullfrog for many years but wondering if Hite is a possibility at all.I have never been to Hite. We have a 16' aluminum Lund that we can basically hand launch. Wondering how far from the point we cant drive down anymore till we hit water and if it would even be deep enough to use the trolling motor to get out to deeper water. Or would it just maybe be better fishing to go from Bullfrog because of the mud line coming from the north. Thanks in advance for any information.
  2. Gem Morris

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    The Lake would need to rise about 20' to make Hite useable. That's not likely to happen between now and April 15th.

    And like you say the mudline could be a factor by then too.

    I'd read the boards and make a last minute decision.
  3. Dan Spitzer

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    Although I haven't taken a small boat into Blue Notch in years, that's were I would head with a 16' boat. Hoping othrs will chime in.
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    Thanks Dan. The road looks definitely a little burly. Is 4 wheel drive mandatory? Also about how long of a drive would it be on that road and could I get close to the water at the current level. Thanks.
  6. Dungee Fishing

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    Yes 4 wheel, about an hour drive and you can get to the water.
  7. Chris

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    I launch in farley. White and farley stay clear until late May. I am heading down this weekend and can get latest info. Last year same water level launching was pretty easy. I am also going travel down blue notch road to check conditions and can report on it, monday.
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    I was in Farley last weekend, the wash is wet so you can't get across or launch with a trailer, so it's hand launch only. The river is currently cutting off both Farley and White Canyon(though some brave bass fisherman were coming up the river to get into White anyway). Fishing was great for Walleye in Farley, and we caught a few pre-spawn crappie, and a few stripers.
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    Was camped in Red Canyon a week ago and talked to a kayaker who was camped on the Blue Notch side. He said they had graded the road and it was in good condition.
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    Blue notch road is in great condition. I launched and fished farley on Friday, did very well on walleye. Saturday I took the river ride down to white. Crappie fishing excellent, in whites. You will have to hand launch the wash has been washed out and is very wet. But by April 15th the water should be in the wash so launching will be very easily accomplished with a small boat it's only about 30 feet from the road anyway.
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    Thanks for all your information on this. Looks like the wife will have the 4wheel drive for my trip. I'll have my 2 wheel drive van with a rear locker installed wich I have taken many places that 4 wheel drives have gone but I think on this trip I won't chance it and fish out of Stanton. I will definitely pursue this at a latter date with a 4wheel drive and it would be a nice change from Bullfrog area. Thanks again.
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    Well how was the trip? Im looking to go down with a buddy of mine this weekend, if my wife will tolerate it!
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    Blue notch rd is in excellent shape, and you can definitely launch a small boat on a trailer there if you stay on the rocks, i think your van would even be fine, but that's your call...lol
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    Id like to add... be careful and watch where you are driving closer to the lake. Too many times have I seen, including myself, people stuck in the mud/quick sand. Make sure you are on solid land with your truck.
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