Hite to Good Hope

8-5 to 8-8
Launched at hite primitive ramp is plenty useable. My boat is a 18 ft Tyee Lund didnt have any problems caution should be used as on any primitive launch. Water was plenty deep just stay left as you head down lake. Visibility was less than a foot until the Horn where it got better every inch you went. 2 and 4 mile had descent visibility about 4 feet in the backs. Lots of logs and floating debris until a mile after the Horn nothing that couldnt be navigated with caution. From Castle Peak on water clarity was at 5 feet plus and becoming nice and green. Saw very few actual boils but there were plenty of large slurps with a few fish doing some jumping. Best spots were in Red Canyon all over and in front of Castle Butte. We also saw quite a few by the floating outhouse just as you enter Good Hope from the north. Trip was mainly for pleasure so didnt really fish like normal kids wanted to swim and wake board and werent as interested in fishing. I did throw top water each morning before everyone was awake and the bite was great smallies largies and stripers were eager to hit. The shad i saw stripers spitting up on my boat were only about an inch long thought they would be bigger. We probably caught at least 100 stripers all together with very little effort put in soon its going to go nuts. Hope this helps anyone heading down. Tight lines