Hite Report Oct. 15 - 17

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My wife and I went to Hite on Sunday hoping for 3 days with no wind. The weather forecast was mostly accurate. We arrived Sunday afternoon about 4:00. Launched the boat and hurried down lake to get in a couple hours of fishing. Fished between 2 mile and 4 mile without any luck. Went into 4 mile and picked up a couple of nice smallies with a blue pearl 4" single tail. Fish were half way back into the canyon. didn't get any hits in the very back. Had to get back and set up camp before dark.

Monday went out about 9:00 and went into White canyon. Fished my favorite shoreline without a single bite. Water was too murky for my liking so headed down to Good Hope Bay. Started fishing the west side, north end. Started catching fish right away. Caught several LMB on same blue pearl 4" single tail. Fishing was spotty. Went into Ticabo to get out of a cold breeze blowing out of the north. Picked up a few SMB going into Ticabo. Again no fish in the back of the canyon. Went to the east side with no luck. Fished around several of my favorite spots and picked up a few here and there. Tried different lures and colors but not a lot of luck. Mid afternoon switched to a Ned Rig with a red 1/10th OZ head with molting craw color. Started catching more fish. Fished around the points and coves on the west side across from Red Canyon. Did fairly well but it was time to go before dark.

Tuesday headed out about 9:00 and tried to troll for stripers around White and striper city. No luck. Saw stripers and shad balls on the graph but couldn't get any strikes. Headed back to GHB with the Ned Rig. finally found the pattern. On submerged points in 20 - 30' of water the bite was consistent. Fished from 10:00 - 1:00 and put 19 fat healthy SMB in the live well. These fish were a blast. Strong fighters, jumping out of the water, the Ned rig was on them. Would have loved to see what the rest of the afternoon would bring but had to get home. At least we'll have some fish to eat through the winter.
What a fun trip going to Hite. It's nice to be able to go and camp right on the shore and be fishing GHB without running an hour up and down the lake from Halls Crossing. We never caught any stripers, walleye, or crappie but all the small mouths were very fat and healthy. Launching at Hite is no problem and it's real nice that there's a courtesy dock. The water is 20' deep running down to Farley. Stay to the left side. Maybe I can make one more trip in November if the weather holds and the lake doesn't drop too fast. Thanks to everyone else for the Hite reports and of course to Wayne for all his reports. Attached are a few pics from our trip.


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I second Preston, nice catch! If we had just had one more day...the best weather we had all weekend was just as we were leaving. I'm glad you two had some good weather.
I look forward to meeting you one of these times!
Thanks for the pictures and report!
Those are some nice looking small mouth, I had very similar results on the south end this week except for the Ned rig which seems to be what they wanted.
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