Hite Ramp Pictures

wayne gustaveson

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I stopped on the way to Bullfrog and took some pictures of Hite launching area.

Then I drove down to the primitive ramp and added some pictures of the water entry on both sides of the ramp. 4 empty trailers were in the parking lot so launching occurred on September 6, 2017.



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Thanks Wayne!

That helps a lot! We plan to put in at Hite in a couple of weeks for a few days of fishing and primitive camp near the water. Did you notice the Black Flies that have been discussed recently?

Our Bass boat can run in pretty skinny water, so we should be able to get in OK...at least that is the plan. This will be our first Hite launch.

If you have any fishing suggestions for the Hite area, looking a couple of week....we're all Arz...sorry.

Yesterday, Friday, I was driving East on 1-70 near Crescent Junction and saw a couple of nice Colorado Fishing boats headed West, I assume Powell bound. Hope we see some reports from them.

I will post a report when back. We are still trying to learn this fishing thing, so we'll see how it goes.

Thanks to you and all the Wordlings!

A pic of our rig (New Mexico tags and boat number) is attached, so if you see us please stop by!

Not exactly sure when we will be there yet, but likely around the weekend of Sept. 23rd.


Dan Spitzer

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Launching at Hite in a couple of weeks should not be a problem. We hope to be at Hite on the 23rd also but will probable shore camp down in Striper City or Red Canyon for a few days.