Hite Marina 1993 (USGS aerial)

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Did you and your dad ever go to the San Juan Marina in '88 or '89? It closed in August 1989.
No, my grandpa, dad and uncles all canoed and explored the far north end starting in the late 60’s. My grandpas found countless arrowheads and pottery in dark canyon, and fossils and footprints up the dirty devil. In about 74 my dad watched a guy catch a Bass in white canyon and became fascinated with bass fishing. My grandpa was only a trout fisherman up to that point. And the older my dad got (born in 69) the more the Powell trips became fishing trips than just exploring. They were confined to the far north end and a couple trips out of bullfrog until 84’ when my grandpa got the bayliner Capri.

We still stayed to the north end most of our trips, and my dad and grandpa took a couple trips to the San Juan in the mid-late 80’s but only made it just past cha bay both times. I remember a trip when I was about 8 when we put in at wahweap and tried making to the San Juan but broke down on the way, all we could do is putt back over the next three days. We still caught a lot of fish and it was really fun. I hadn’t been to the San Juan until three years ago with our new crestliner. And then Peter and I went back this last spring.

I was born in 87’. And literally grew up on that bayliner. My dad has a photo holding a largemouth from steinaker in one hand and my like one month old self in the other. We kept hitting Powell until that boat finally died in the late 90’s. Believe it or not we went boatless and high school distracted me from a lot of fishing (at least at Powell). I only went once, in like 04’? On my church mission I met Andrew and when we got back in early 09’ we bought a crappy little boat for $500, I introduced him to Powell and the rest is history.

Sorry for the long answer Lol.
My grandpa and his canoe, my dad is sitting shotgun. This is at those camp spots by the dirty devil. Our family still has that canoe, I just re finished it a couple years ago.
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Great photos. Remember as a kid if it was going to be a fishing trip, you wanted to go to Hite because the fishing was better at that end of the lake. My sister and I always wanted to go to Bullfrog because the water was clearer and you didn't always have to be on the lookout for driftwood.
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