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"Hite" ferry relocated to North Wash 1964/65


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If the river is still occupying the alignment shown in the 2013 photograph, running on top of the buried bluffs on the south side of the channel, it is not going to be much longer with a steadily dropping lake until it cuts down through the accumulated sediments and creates a pretty ferocious rapid at Hite, much like what happened at Pearce Ferry at the upper end of Lake Mead.

If I recall, someone from the Returning Rapids project already expressed similar concerns. The pullout for rafts coming out of Cataract Canyon is upstream of this, but it could make it very difficult to go further downstream in case they wanted to make the run to Bullfrog.
Yes, I believe Mike Dehoff indicated that they detected bedrock near the North Wash "Ramp" during Returning Rapids most recent science trip in October of this year. I hereby do duly nominate that the name of the new rapid/fall be dubbed "Dominy Falls". I cannot think of a more fitting name since its creation can be attributed to his legacy. (Also reference Vaughn Short's epic ode to Lake Powell called Floyd's Void.)

bob london

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OK. I'll just have to offload this stuff now because driving into the detail is doing my head in :( .

Ferry, North Wash, probably September 1965. Water level ~3530. The main "highway" is to the right of the spur and already submerged by several feet. The alternative 'higher route' must have been used in times of flood:

Ferry North Wash.jpg

Line of sight picture to place the ferry in relation to the end of U-95 in North Wash:

Line of sight ferry North Wash 1965.jpg

This next photograph was originally tagged "Lake Powell from above Hites Ferry 9-21-65" and I assumed this was an alternative route into North Wash to reach the ferry. After further investigating the topography, I soon realised this descent would be suicidal and probably impossible:

Powell from above North Wash 21-9-65.jpg

This well-manicured dirt track is actually the new 95 on its way to the bridge over Dirty Devil and then onto Narrow Canyon.

Here's the same shot taken from, the fully blasted and paved, 95 in May 2009 with the reservior at 3620:

North Wash from UT-95 May 2009.jpg

Where am going with this post? I've no idea.

It seems that the re-routed Highway 95, from above the descent into North Wash via the new bridges and all the way around to the descent into Farley Canyon, was originally a well-made dirt track that followed the contours of the land to bypass any difficulties.


Rerouted 95 above North Wash.jpg

I dunno. I started off talking about ferries and seem to have ended up on roads, which are equally boring.

Here's a gratuitous shot of a ferry with its flaps down. The stub of Highway 95 is there for all who care to see:

Ferry North Wash 9-21-65.jpg

Is that a mail box or a phone booth? Whatever. 3530.

Laters :)