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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Recreation' started by Tim Bagley, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. Tim Bagley

    Tim Bagley Member

    Took a drive up today to check out Hite!

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  2. Dungee Fishing

    Dungee Fishing Well-Known Member

    Makes all this snow worth it! Hopefully it gets to the cement this year.
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  3. Waterbaby

    Waterbaby Administrator Staff Member

    Look forward to you saving these and using them side-by-side in the Spring and Summer.
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  4. Dungee Fishing

    Dungee Fishing Well-Known Member

    You almost have to with how badly positioned the Hite web cam is. It's even worse than last year, it's pointed more north now towards the old Marina site, even at full pool I don't think you could see water on it.
  5. Lake Bum

    Lake Bum Well-Known Member

    Agreed. I don't know why they moved it at the end of the season last year. You can't see anything now!
  6. GregC

    GregC Well-Known Member

    Nah, I saw a car on the highway once. :)

  7. Dungee Fishing

    Dungee Fishing Well-Known Member

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  8. Squirrel

    Squirrel Well-Known Member

    It may be time to adjust the view of the camera. Sq
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  9. Waterbaby

    Waterbaby Administrator Staff Member

    Someone needs to call the person in charge of the Lake Powell camera and make suggestion. Would be nice if all our cameras had the ability for you to view and control to have different views from the camera - like many ski resorts have.
  10. Dave I.

    Dave I. Well-Known Member

    I miss the days of when there was a full marina at Hite. Would love to see the water get that high again, but after the overflow issues (I think in 2006) I highly doubt it will ever re-open
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  11. WaterMan

    WaterMan Well-Known Member

    Maybe they don't wont you to see them extending the boat ramp?LOL

    I hope they move the camera before the water rises?
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  12. Dan Spitzer

    Dan Spitzer Well-Known Member

    NPS advised me that they are aware that the camera doesn't face the water, but because of where it is mounted that there is nothing they (can)(will) do about it.
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  13. Dungee Fishing

    Dungee Fishing Well-Known Member

    Well, at the very least its refreshing to hear a government agency admit that they're totally worthless.
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  14. linnell

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  15. VanillaIceCream

    VanillaIceCream Well-Known Member

    Glen Canyon needs to add a 1-7 day web camera fee (with password) for $12 or annual web camera fee pass for $24 (with 360 day password), ONLY THEN will the NPS will be able to rotate the Hite camera towards the lake.
  16. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

  17. buckin_ho

    buckin_ho Member

    A hateful comment to be sure. Since, in your short sighted opinion, the NPS is "totally worthless", be sure to never contact the agency should you need life saving assistance while on the lake. Please do not register any complaints when fellow park visitors trash your favorite beach and mark their names in 190 million year old sandstone. Don't expect a ranger to pull from the lake the bodies of those who drown and wrap arms around their grieving family members. Don't expect any ranger to explain to you the wonders of Rainbow Bridge or change the bulb in a lighted buoy so you might find your way back to camp after dark. Don't expect rangers to be stopping boat captains so under the influence that they cannot even see your boat ahead of them. Please do not make use of any facilities like boat ramp, parking lot, or picnic shelter, much less a pump out. Tell your kids and grandkids to enjoy the park today because it will be trampled, forever marred, and bought by Disney tomorrow. After all, the Agency is worthless and can do nothing to help you protect the park you own.

    Returning to the topic at hand, and to a spirit of constructiveness for which this discussion group is known, I think the problem with the camera is that the water level is so low it can't be seen from the ranger station regardless of the direction it's pointed toward.
  18. Squirrel

    Squirrel Well-Known Member

    Last year, the camera was pointed more to the west and you could see water when the lake was higher. Sq
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  19. botnb

    botnb Well-Known Member

    WELL, I wonder how it got moved as to be totally ineffectual... At least before I was able to identify, that it was an Earth cam.... let's chew on THAT for a while.... :rolleyes:
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  20. Dungee Fishing

    Dungee Fishing Well-Known Member

    It was a joke, and I am sorry if I struck a cord or offended you or your experiences in any way, that was'nt my intention. It is a common and long running joke to mock the stereotype of a government agency being lacksadalsicle (hence, can't move a camera that was obviously recently moved anyway). I am fully aware of the many great things the rangers do and have spoken with many on quite a few occasions, and I have been using and respecting the lakes facilities and services since I could walk. Thanks