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Hiking from White to Scorup


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Well.... we did it. We channeled our inner JFR, Andrew, Trey, Nixon and I hiked from White Canyon up and over into Scorup Canyon. We wanted to try something a little different, and different is what we got! Here was the original plan, hike from White into Scorup Friday morning, fish the Scorup area Saturday and then hike back out Sunday. The reality was a little different...

Thursday night was awesome, despite being down Farley and Blue Noth uncountable times this was the first time I can remember going down into the White Canyon area, even in the dark the navigation was fine and we found a decent although dusty spot amongst the Tamarisks and old cow patties. That night was dead calm, I mean dead calm, the star gazing was amazing and we lost count of the shooting stars. As we talked we could see the silhouettes of the ridges and buttes that we had seen from many past trips and the scouting on google earth, we wondered just what it might look like once the sun rose. I also thought about my Grandpa a lot as he and some of his best buddies had camped and explored the same areas along White and Dark Canyons long before he ever even attempted fishing there. Our two boys had been long asleep by the time we went in the tent, morning came slow and sleep was difficult as it was colder than we thought it might get, but it did eventually come.

After packing up our big camp we set off on our trail at 10am, we thought after about three hours and a difficult hike up a passable wash/draw we'd be fishing....The roads down White were used, multiple fresh tracks and multiple illegal off road tracks were in lots of places, including the river bed, we followed a cow trail until we could vere towards our scouted draw to get up and out of the immediate White Canyon area. The draw was fun, the kids enjoyed climbing up boulder after boulder as we went higher and higher up the draw. We were relieved to make it all the way up the draw as we thought this was the only way to make our hike work, mentally we had prepared ourselves for this part being the most strenuous and difficult as we thought it was our biggest unknown. Once on top our spirits were high and we rested at the base of the mesa that ended up separating the Horn/Good Hope area of the Lake with the slowly dying more northern part of the Lake. The panoramic view from this spot is amazing, Looking north you can see a slight part of Mt. Holmes, along with all of Hillers, Pennell and far away peak of Ellen, farther east you can see the towering humps over Hite and up North wash, back up through the Dirty Devil area, past Dark Canyon and the ending portion of White.

From here we turn back and start hiking southwest again along the flatter gap between the White Canyon area and Scorup, one of the coolest parts about this section were all the fields of smaller petrified wood that littered many different deposit spots, areas the size of probably a quarter acre or more were just littered. You could scoop up a handful and have 20/30 different pieces in your hand. Along with the little fields we saw some of the biggest pieces of wood I've ever seen, some were three/four feet long and a couple feet wide, really cool! Once over the divide that sends water to either White Canyon or Scorup you enter the beginning stages of the Scorup wash. It was really amazing to see the literal start of the wash, a few inches wide, that eventually leads into the entire Scorup Canyon, hiking down the wash was pretty easy going, but by this point we were noticing that it was starting to drag on a little longer than we thought it might. Once in the wash, and because of where we wanted to camp we thought we needed to get up out of the wash, so we found a spot before we thought we might get cliffed in. Once on top again the views were amazing, there was a direct view now of Mt Holmes and Hillers, a little farther after following a game trail along the ridge the lake started to come into view, and as exciting as that was it started to reveal that we had gotten a little carried away and little unprepared for making down to the lake where we had wanted to camp.

After some deliberation we found a path, albeit rather difficult, that led us back into the main part of Scorup, and with some frustration creeping in and the day passing we just wanted to be done. We got back into Scorup and hiked a few hundred yards to where the water ended in the back of the canyon. Although relieved to be there Andrew and I knew our plans needed to change. We cooked our steak, boiled some water, then fished for the last hour or so during the day. Andrews first cast landed a 3 pound Largemouth, one of Nixon's first casts landed a decent Smallie, and a little later on I was able to land a nice Striper. Despite the distraction of fishing the reality of where/what/how long the hike was put us in a predicament. We conceded that we would fish in the morning, then hike back out that next day.

That night sleep came much easier as exhaustion overcame us, fishing the next morning though? That was difficult, we only yielded one other Striper, so that was a little disappointing. We concluded that the only fish worth that hike again would be landing the 50lb Striper... So, on the hike out, we decided to just stay in the wash all the way back out, after analyzing the maps again we thought we would be okay. The Scorup wash out is a really cool area and provided lots of shade for the first two hours back out. We never got cliffed in and the gradual incline of the wash all the way back out certainly helped our efforts.

The hike out took a little less time, the thought of cooking up some steaks, kung pow chicken, and some hot dogs for a huge feast kept us going. We were very proud of our boys for doing the hike, they did amazing. The area was amazing and very remote, we only saw a few signs of people. The views were fantastic, and the memories will be great. Maybe with some new expectations and a new mindset we could do it again, but I'm pretty sure we've conceded that we will just bring the boat from now on.

A few side notes: We talked to a couple guys at Stans who had fished hard for three days and only yielded a catfish. They had talked to some tournament guys who said fishing was tough as well. These same guys mentioned the giant dangerous whale out in front of the halls/stanton area.

Video will come shortly.


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That is an awesome story!! I've never hiked in that area you just described, but definitely sounds like an adventure! I'm trying to follow your route from your description, and think I get it, but thanks for including a map--super helpful...that must be 5 or 6 miles each way... Really cool, and glad the kids were good with the improvisation and uncertainty of what lay ahead--that's the most fun aspect of hiking! You've got a good crew it seems... Thanks for sharing!
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John P Funk

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That's a lot of effort. I've hiked from Farley into White several times for a day of fishing at low water levels, but your route was way longer than I would do for a daytrip for sure. Adventure is always worth it unless someone is hurt. My daughter still talks about the times we hiked together into White and she caught her first "Rainbow Fish"(Sunfish) when she was 5 or 6(she'll be 12 in June).