Hi everybody. New to the site

I just wanted to introduce myself. Bret from Mesa Az.
I've been lurking on this site for about 15 years now. I never bothered to register because I had no hope of ever visiting the lake until I retired. Well, that day is almost here although I haven't decided exactly when but even though I'm still working a little bit, I now have time and am close enough to make a Lake Powell trip. I'm an avid fisherman and I have a 17 foot Spectrum Pro Avenger walleye boat with a 90 horse hanging off the back. I also have a 2 horse kicker on the back and a trolling motor up front.

I lived in Oregon for 25 years and then moved to Mesa about 9 years ago and I never looked back. I love the desert and my top destination has always been Lake Powell.

So I have a few questions.
1.)The first being that I'm going to head your way sometime in the next 30 days. It could be as early as this coming Monday. So when would be the best time to go to limit the crowds and the wind?
2.) It doesn't matter to me if I stay in Page or uplake someplace. I have a small pop-up camper on my truck so if there is a campground someplace, that would be great but I'm fully prepared to boondock it for a few days if need be. The trip is about checking out the lake, not about the camping.
3.) In your opinion, where should I start from? I'm guessing that the south part of the lake gets pretty busy even during the week so should I think about going north? Any suggestions on campgrounds?
4.) Any suggestions on what kind of lures and such to bring along? Being a long time bass guy, I have tons of plastics, some topwater stuff, crankbaits, etc. My brother is coming along and he is the type of guy that loves trolling. Any suggestions as to lures and what to look for?
I've been wanting to check out Powell for 20 years so this is going to be a big trip for me even though it will probably only be for 3 or 4 days. I know I'm going to enjoy it so it's my guess that I'll be going every month or so except in the dead of winter. Who knows? I might just get a place there. That's not off the table at all.
This trip is kind of an exploratory adventure so even if I didn't catch a bunch, just checking out the lake is going to be a blast although if we could put a few fillets in the cooler, that would be all the better.

Anyway, any advice you guys can give will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for listening


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welcome Bret, is Your brother named Bart by any chance? As far as going north or south it sounds like a busy lake at both ends. As far as camping their is wahweap campground and lone rock beach for a more reasonable boondocking site on the south end, which is about a 5 to 6hr drive from Mesa. Up north is Halls crossing campground ground which has full hook up and gas. It is about 8hr from Mesa, and Bullfrog or Stanton creek (boondocking)is probably another 2hr since the Ferry is not running. Which one you choose will find you plenty of fishing opportunities, and which one you choose I would suggest starting at day break to beat the ski boats in the north and also the tour boats in the south. Take all your tackle you never know what opportunities will present themselves. Be sure to get a map it is real easy to get turned around in some of the big bays, and a pair of binoculars would be a good help in finding the channel bouys. Watch your fuel consumption, in my experience most 17ft boats only have a 20 to 25gal gas tank which is limiting on this lake. Let us know how you do.
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We were North Enders for the first 15 years I was on the lake. In a true, grass is always greener.....I couldn’t wait to explore the south end. I’d even had my husband 1/2 talked into considering Page for retirement. While I’d love to further explore Last Chance and Rock Creek at the south, the sheer volume of boats, and resulting choppy waters from the Wahweap ramp to MM 20 or so is a big negative ve in my m ind to the south end. If Hall’s is a viable drive, I’d say try Hall’s. It is the least busy marina for one. From Hall’s if you go North 20 miles you will have the opportunity to explore 8-9 canyons before reaching Good Hope Bay that on its busiest day she’s 1/4 the traffic that Padre Bay does. From Hall’s if you go South 20 miles you‘ll have a chance to explore 6-7 canyons before reaching the Rincon, which is almost a large Bay itself. If you start from Wahweap, you have a minI I’m of 8-10 miles to the north every day to simply get out of the marina area.

That said, while Hall’s may have hook ups for an RV, it’s almost like Boondocking compared to the south end. There is no “city” or shopping any where near Hall’s, where the city of Page is only 20 minutes from Wahweap


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Roll the dice and enjoy wherever you land. Normally mid-week provides a big difference from week-ends but this Covis thing has changed that, now it seems like the lake has to endure a 24/7 freak show. Hall's is probably the best you're gonna get for sanity. It's a shame your first trip will be made during this time but it's still better than not going at all. You will be able to look back and see how nice it is to be on the lake in solitude compared to what you will experience now. The difference is night and day. Welcome and stay safe. Respect the "Lady of the Lake" and she will respect you.
With all the boat traffic, I could wait a few weeks or I could even go early fall? I'm completely open to suggestion.
Either way, I'm sure I'd have a good time.


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The future is uncertain, I would go when you can as long as it is not on any holiday weekends. My mother always said "life is short, eat dessert first".
Well, after some consideration and some guidance from Mr. Gustafson himself, I think I'm going to take my time getting the boat and camper ready.
I'm in no rush so I think I'll head up to Powell in a month or so but I will concentrate on a few nice trips in the fall.
I still need to know things like what and how to fish the lake. Camping spots, do I need a marine radio in case of emergency, fuel management and anything else you can think of.
I want to thank everyone in advance. And a special thanks to Mr. Gustafson for his wisdom.


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You won't find anyone better than Wayne on this site. With the size of the lake a VHF radio can always be your friend, even if it;s a $150.00 hand held. You never know when you will need it. It might be a good idea to get an MMSI # for the radio. The registration # is free from the U.S. Power Squadron or if you are a member of Boat US. For fishin' info go to Wayne's weekly fishin' report. Camping is what feels good to you, get off the main channel and find a protected cove to set up. Have fun, this site is great. Sq