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Here Again !!


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Years ago I registered and apparently either lost my account information or got dropped due to lack of use. But I'm back and plan to be more active in the forums. I have always gone to the Water Data Base link and kept up with the lake levels. I've been boating and fishing Powell since '68 with the family. The best memories all my kids have is Powell. When we would have vacation planning sessions, they always said "We want to go to Lake Powell". We forced them several years to Disneyland, Yellowstone, Beaches in California, Hawaii and other places. Not fun for them "We want to go to Lake Powell". In fifty years, I've seen a lot of changes to the lake. Some not so good. Certainly not impressed with many of the newer generations idea of boating etiquette or knowledge of "rules of the road". But we have met a lot of great people too. I hope that most, as we do, stop once in a while to "smell the flowers" and realize the the absolute beauty of this marvelous retreat on earth. And that they do all they can to take care of it by picking up a little extra newly exposed trash from the beaches they visit. I love "The Lake" and look forward to chatting and meeting with many of you!!


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Welcome back! My son and family from Socal visited us here in Phx this weekend. They have slipped boat in San Diego, annual beach pass, camp in the mountains, etc. But what does 10 year old grandson tell me Saturday? Powell is the greatest place in the world! I was showing him recent pics on WW. He can't wait to get into the stripers and try some new hikes, and, oh, that wake surfing, dude.