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Hanksville fundraiser.

Dave I.

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I am one of the lucky ones that wasn't affected by the flooding this past week. Have spent many hours helping and towing for people in our little town.
Please help or share for those who got impacted.



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We typically book a couple rooms at Dukes for the Friday night before we get onboard Saturday morning. We ran into to several problems last Friday and had to scrap the whole Powell trip as a result. However, we decided to head down and use the rooms at Dukes anyway.

If you’ve never stayed there, the cabins are great, look new and priced affordable. Park right next to the cabin, always a friendly atmosphere with the other guests, two comfy beds and a bathroom/small kitchenette. The only thing better than the accommodations is Duke’s slickrock grill at the cabins. The food is amazing, never had something I didn’t love. Service is great too. Always so friendly.

We chatted with several staff there about the situation and didn’t really hear much about the damage and personal property impacts. However almost everyone there and at Stans spoke of worry about the economic impacts. People being able to work and provide for their families. Neighbor’s businesses impacted and what that meant for the future.

My affinity for Dukes is all about the service, value, quality and kind people. The nice thing: it’s not even remotely unique to Duke’s. It’s the whole town. I’m even more sure now to go out of my way to stay and spend my money at Rabbitbrush, lunch at Stans, fuel at Silver Eagle or Hollow Mtn, Dinner at Outlaws Roost or Dukes. Great town, even better people.

We were bummed about the trip, but we ended up having a blast. Go Hanksville.
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Even if you're on the south end, it'd be great for people to share the Gofundme, but also to do what I see so often on here: Go out of your way to mention the great service, food, services etc available along the way to and at Powell. I feel like I've focused a ton this summer on why the NPS hasn't done this or that, but my trips are also impacted by my ability to get down there in the first place. Without people in Bigwater, Page, Hanksville, Kanab, Blanding, Ticaboo, Green River etc, we'd be in big trouble.

Chatting with people in Hanksville and seeing reports about the impacts of COVID and low water on Page and other communities is a good reminder that they rely on us, and we rely on them. 2 awesome ladies left me on Saturday by saying "Please tell your friends about this place." WW is great at doing that, and we can do that elsewhere too. Make sure to tell people.