Halls Slurps 6/21-24

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Had a great weekend hunting striper schools with the fly rod from Lost Eden to Moki. Compared to past years at this time it was a few small schools that were very challenging to catch. Water temp was 75-76, Halls and Bullfrog had some green water and main channel clear. If it was calm, early morning had singles splashing everywhere in Halls and small groups would form around 8 and last till around noon. Mid day I only found a few larger schools near Lost Eden, north of halls buoy and across from Moki. Saw nothing in the canyons. There were few actual slurps, mostly fast moving groups that formed surface swirls, or just a flash of silver and small splashes. These spooky schools made positioning for a fly rod cast tricky to say the least.... But the times everything was executed perfectly I could hook up with a strong striper! From chasing the schools, boat positioning and firing off a cast it was a 3-ring circus 75% of the time, so when it all came together it was highly rewarding, plus I was the only one I saw catching stripers! I landed 43 so that gave me a nice case of striper thumb I can admire for awhile...Can't wait to get back in two weeks, seems like they are just getting started. The only fly that worked was Krafts Kreelex
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What setup do you use for flyfishing for Striper? Rod size, line, etc? Sounds like a lot of fun!

I like a 9 foot fast action 8 weight rod with an intermediate sink tip line like Scientific Anglers Hover fly line, and use a 0x leader and tippet. This may be a little overkill for small stripers, you could use a 5wt. rod with floating line just fine under the right conditions. But I like a heavier setup to get a quick powerful cast off. This past trip I only had a few seconds to get an accurate cast to a fast moving target in the wind. The sink tip line keeps the fly a foot or two below the surface in a good zone for slurps. Most of my hookups are 25-40' out from boat, so super fun to watch them eat in the clear water!
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