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Halls Crossing to Good Hope Bay 7-10 to 7-17


Fishing is great on the north end. We caught stripers fishing bait near Moki, and we caught lots of small mouth using ned rigs near rocky shoreline all over. Our best success was just south of Good Hope Bay and into the bay. Fish were everywhere sitting around 40 feet. We were able to get them to hit dropping down and speed reeling using kastmaster lures, and any type of spoon resembling a shad. We also found some boils, which mainly consisted of the smaller yearling fish. They didn't scare away, and bigger stripers were sitting just below them. We mainly fished in the late afternoon/early evening, and one evening we caught more than 120 fish. The fishing was so good, we kept fishing after the cooler was full for catch and release. During the frenzy, we hooked into a few walleye and catfish as well. Back at the dock at Halls, stripers were aggressively feeding near the surface on the filleted carcasses. I'm sure it will only get better as the shad get bigger.


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