Halls Crossing Ferry

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greg sr

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Can somebody tell me the cost of using the ferry? That would be a truck pulling a 20’ foot bass boat. Also, how much longer would it be to drive around from halls to bullfrog time wise and mileage wise?
I can't give you the specifics you ask for, here are the phone #'s I have, 435-684-3088 or 435-893-4747 Hope that will help. Sq
Thanks for the reply’s. 65 to me is to much money. I am coming from Az. So I launch at halls crossing and go north from there. If I want to see bullfrog I guess I will make the drive.
Both drives are similar, lots of miles of 2 lane highway, through deserted desert (if you don’t count the hazardous cows).

If you want to explore the Bullfrog facilities, park at a Bullfrog slip and ask the shuttle to take you to the hotel for a drink or lunch. I can’t say the hotel, gas station and asphalt parking lots are a lot to look at. The high school is a bit of an oddity, but that’s it.

Fun to say you’ve seen it, not sure it’s worth the extra 2 hours. The trip around the North lets you take in the Hite overlook, also fun to say you’ve seen it.
Whether you take the ferry of not, I was just at the lake yesterday and the ferry is open daily right now. But, as so many know, it is known for unpredictable break downs and periodic maintenance so that could change any day.

On the other note, I also drove around to Halls Crossing (via Hite) just a little while ago and it is a beautiful drive. Just watch out for the cows. it is all open range and they are there.
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