Halfway thru Wayne's Book

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Great read for anyone interested in the history and development of the fishery (good and bad) years.

I relation to the young fish survival rates proportional to the need for underwater structure; has there been artificial structures added to the lake to aid in survival rates?

I notice at Havasu there are many metal cages submerged in all the coves around the Parker Dam area.

I myself have added a pop-up shade to the depts of Padre Bay (non-intentionally). Tent camping in a wind storm as I sat in a chair with my hoodie pulled over with just my eyes exposed. Through my sunglasses I noticed a large blue UFO flying out to 'sea'. It seemed 100 feet in the sky, and I thought to myself, what the hell is that?! It came crashing down and promptly sunk 100's of yards offshore.

When I turned to check my tent I thought; where did my pop-up go? Why I didn't take the shade off I don't know. I figured it was dug in enough.

If they ever drain the lake, that 2010 blue pop-up is mine?
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Roosevelt is getting the artificial habitat now. Will be interesting to see how well that works, because it has similar elevations swings to Powell.
Artificial habitat would never work at Powell. Water levels fluctuate way too much from year to year. They work great at a place like Havasu though, I think levels vary less than 2 feet, not sure on that exact number though...
From historic data of the lake level fluctuations correlated with species hatch and growth rates one could arrange artificial habitats perpendicular to the shore spanning 30-50'. I can't imagine that some metal cages embedded in concrete footers would be that expensive. Even if 8-12 were installed per year what that could do for the future of the fishery.

You are right LB that Havasu doesn't fluctuate much, I believe it is kept around 98% capacity for CA allotment, but I still don't see why it could not work.
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