Half-eaten fish reeled in by anglers shows 'real problem' fishermen face nationwide


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I almost forgot! As a kid on Ontario fishing trips I had more than a few walleye swiped off my hook by hungry northern pike. I also had a big walleye grab a little smallmouth I was reeling in some years ago on Lake Powell!
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They can be annoying, but sharks are a key indicator of a healthy ocean!

I had a sealion eat a big Yellowtail I hooked in Baja. The guide was hysterical. He would follow the line, and when it would surface to breathe, he would throw oars, all kinds of stuff at it! It eventually got tired and dropped the fish! It was actually in pretty good shape when we got it on the boat.
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Try fishing the Everglades lol. Sharked on every other fish and have to move. If you haven’t seen the video of the guy getting pulled off his boat by the shark it is worth watching. It is not fake. There is a lot of talk about increased predation in the salt water forums and the consensus is it is getting worse. That being said, the dolphins are just as aggressive and sit a few feet off or under your boat waiting for you to hook up. They don’t take them on the way in, they wait for them to get thrown back in. Last month I probably had 10 fish taken by dolphins in one morning. Tarpon predation is a very concerning issue right now and if you haven’t seen videos of that, take a look on YouTube. Especially the grand old fish that are over 100lbs…we can’t keep,losing them to sharks. lol had to jump in on this one, sorry.
I've been on a big cruiser fishing tuna out of San Diego. Parked for dinner so one of the guys started cleaning tuna and a Sea Lion jumped on the swim platform to be close to the remains as they hit the water. He had a nice dinner also.
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