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Gunsight Nov. 22nd


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Launched from Stateline Monday morning about 8:00. Ran up to Gunsight and started trolling and looking for grebes, herons, coyotes, and boils. Caught a large skinny striper on an XD 6. Then the graph lit up or more accurately “darkened “. Three rods were already rigged with spoons and we started catching stripers in 20-28’ of water. My spot lock kept disengaging but the fish were still showing up under us. Our 4th member rigged an anchovy and immediately hooked up. They were catching as many as three of us using spoons combined. We all switched to anchovies and was hauling in fish in waves until we had boated over 70 stripers. The fish cleaning station is down for repairs. The next morning we tried the wall at mm 3 and just inside Antelope canyon with no luck so we headed back to Gunsight. We couldn’t find them on the graph but did have one bite trolling the XD. It was cloudy and started to rain so we headed back. The three Lake Powell greenhorns are now in awe of the virtues of Lake Powell!


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