Great to be here.

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Greetings all,
I have been a big fan of Wayne's Words since they were posted on the gas station windows. That was always our first stop when we got to the lake. " We must know what Wayne says. "

I am grateful for all the info over the years, and love to hear the Lake Powell stories as well. It is refreshing to see a forum that is well moderated, has such caring and sharing members. Kudos for that.

I haven't participated as of yet, as unfortunately I really haven't had too many great "catching days " to report. That hasn't stopped me from trying of course. I enjoy the time at the lake and the challenge so much that catching fish is just a bonus when it happens. I may have a couple of tales to share that could be worthwhile.

I made my first trip to Lake Powell around 1976, then a year or so later went on my first houseboat trip. With those two first experiences it was in my blood. I find Lake Powell to be one of, if not the most beautiful places on earth and I am forever hooked. Ever since those early days we as a family ( my wife and two daughters ) have tried to make at least a trip each year. Hasn't always worked out but we try.

For several years now we have been owners in a 5 week houseboat share and I have been thoroughly spoiled. My daughter has been teaching at Page High for 4 years now, ( she lived just two doors down the street from Wayne's house), so when we are at the lake she has been right there to enjoy it with us. Unfortunately things don't stay the same and she is leaving this fall to teach in Egypt. My older daughter is also looking at moving away too. Sometimes you don't fully appreciate just how good things are until they change. I will sorely miss the times together on the lake and exploring the wonders of the area. Hope that with some planning we can figure out how to get together for at least one trip each summer.

That brings me to our decision to sell our share, as it is impractical for us to have 5 weeks at this point and I would like to see someone get the full use out of this unique opportunity. It is truly wonderful to have the boat in the slip and go out fishing or exploring and come home to a nice house on the lake. Of course it is also nice to cruise to private spot and base from there. both make for wonderful times.

I wanted to let everyone know what is available if they are interested, as I think this share is ideal for those who love to fish and spend time at the lake. It certainly has been for us. I know it is a lot to spend, but this is for ownership of 10% for as long as you choose to keep it, with only yearly dues going forward. You then own 5 scheduled weeks per year, and most members are very good about trading or allowing unused weeks to be used by other members.

I don't mean to run an ad here just want to inform those who might be interested at the same time as I introduce myself. The ad is in the Yard Sale section.

Again thanks to everyone here for all you do to keep this site awesome. I hope I can be a worthy member here.
Maybe I will even have a fishing day worth reporting on, who knows? When (if) I get a chance I will try to share some of our lake tales that may be of interest to the forum.

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Welcome! Glad you're here! Maybe you could post some details about your houseboat in the Yard Sale section? That will get more views from interested parties.


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Ken, many of us empty nesters have made new friends and have continued our love for Lake Powell thru this board. For me it opened a new page in my life to be a "Wordling" thanks to the great friends I have met here and on the lake. I often still see the "Wayne's Words / SHAD" flags still flying in the wind on boats.. and know I have a friend on the lake.
Thanks BP, I did indeed put it on the yard sale page. I would be very pleased if a Wayne's Words member was able to take advantage of this opportunity as it is ideal for the fisherman/lady . We will cherish our memories of time on the lake with family and friends forever.
Hello GoldCup, I have to say I am glad to be participating rather than just lurking further. There are some wonderful people here. As we are adjusting to our changing situation it will be wonderful to make new friendships and open our new page . Gotta get me one of those flags too.
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