Great Striper trip in Halls creek

Spent a week at my favorite lake, and it reminded me of why😊. I started out looking for boils for a few days, and then got to looking for them on structure. Hadn't found them yet, when my brother in law Steve and I were hunting them, and I was coming out of Hall's, and a gust caught my hat. I turned around and went back, and thought my hat had sank. But I found it and picked it out of the water, shook it off and stuck it back on. When I turned around and looked at the fish finder, it was loaded with Striper in 50 ft of water. I got excited, like I had just seen a boil. 54 fat fighting Stripers later we headed back to the house boat. My BIL is 75, and said that was the most fish he had ever caught in a day😊. We caught them all on Salt n pepper assassins.
My company went home, and I went back every morning and repeated the same process every day. They are as strong as I can remember them being for 3 to 4 lb fish. I used the same jig head for the 160 to 170 fish I caught, and went through 2 paks of assassins.
I met some new friends this trip, Mark , whom I fished around and gave assassins to. And Josh Gilson. I gave Josh Striper fillets, and his wife fried 5 quarts of fillets, and it was a WW's recipe with hot sauce. They were some of the best fish I have ever eaten. Thanks Josh and wife for the fish and treats😊
I all so saw Chovyboy Steve, and his friend Steve while we were there, and they talked a good while. All ways good to see you Chovy.
All ready looking forward to going back. Those strong fish will be calling soon😁
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WOW WOW! Looks like you planned everything perfectly Kevin! Well done! You know you’re living right when a blown off hat leads to 200 fish!!!!!!
It never hurts to be lucky, but I'm pretty confident in finding fish with out luck😁
I could have easily caught 200 if I had fished every evening for a couple hours. I didn't want to fillet that many more🤣
I'm getting old I guess.
great report, trolling or jigging?
I cast and work them all different ways. I usually like to go to the bottom, bounce back 2 to three times and retrieve at different speeds until you see what there liking. But if you go to the bottom, and there are fish scattered up and down on your finder, you have to come up through them. I watch my line closely on the drop, for when they pick it up. When there are a ton of active shad feeders, they will hit on the fall often👍
If there boiling, I just cast into it and reel. But there wasn't as many boils, as there were fish all over from bottom to 20 ft up in 30 to 50 ft of water depth.
See, you’re still better than me. I draw the line at about 40 and wish I’d drawn the line at 30 😂
I was freezing them, the house boat has two freezers. That makes a big difference in staying a week. When I just go by myself, I just stay 2 or 3 nights. I slab them off and put on ice every day, until I get home. And then finish them when I get home👍