Grand Falls Trash Cleanup - March

wayne gustaveson

Staff member

This past summer I was an Interp ranger at Glen Canyon and met some ladies who follow your site regularly.
They suggested I reach out to you when I planned my next trash cleanup event at Grand Falls in Leupp,AZ.
So our first event has been planned. We will be coordinating a second event for April when it is warmer and drier and so maximum amount of volunteers get the opportunity to help out.

This will be our Fifth Annual Trash Cleanup of the site. We usually haul out a few truckloads of trash!
We started with maybe 5-10 local volunteers but the last two years we've had folks drive up from Phoenix and upwards of 60 volunteers hauling trash. It's been an amazing experience.

If you have Facebook the Cleanup Group is here and because I created a group for people to be able to follow for easy reference, we have to share the group link instead of the event link:

But the events will be updated in that group.right now the first event will be held
March 28th, 9am-sunset at Grand Falls.
We ask volunteers to bring their own food, water, sun protection, sturdy shoes for muddy and uneven terrain. We remind them they are responsible for their own safety and actions. And we ask that people do not speed on the dirt roads and to visit the area with respect.

Let me know if this is news you can share with your community.
Haley Johnson


i just want everyone to know that i absolutely adore anyone who goes out and helps out to pick up trash anywhere they do it on a lakeshore like Powell it can be an interesting experience because the water level varies.

my own experiences with this sort of activism came about from a purely selfish experience i had. i lived in Eastern TN for a while and there was a local reservoir of very fine quality water (i would drink it when i swam across). Watauga Lake. i would swim there as much as i could when i wasn't day hiking on the AT (it was the time of my life when i was in the best shape ever :) )...

as it went one summer i was swimming there at their beach and stepped on a chunk of glass... it was a sandy beach area with some sand going out into the water instead of the more usual rocky shore of a variable depth reservoir. somehow there was glass in the sand. it wasn't a particularly horrible cut, but it surely got me irked...

when the water levels started to fall that season i went out there and checked the sandy area for glass and also picked up other things and then i started walking up and down the rest of the reservoir to pick up glass and other trash. i needed the exercise and it was a good thing to do. on the whole i didn't have huge amounts of trash to pick up, and it was a huge reservoir so i could not do the entire thing, but i did what i could and i'm glad i could.