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Any GoPro experts out there?
I got a GoPro5 Sessions as a gift. I'm trying to decide if I should keep it, or return it and get a GoPro5 Black?

Is it worth the extra money to have the 2" screen for viewing pictures / movies, changing settings, etc?
I also am worried about needing the cell phone app -- I don't know that I want to have to make sure I have my phone with me to change a setting, or view a picture...

We have two sessions and a Hero 4 Black (no screen). We do have the cell phone app, but we rarely use it. You can change any of the settings on the actual camera (both sessions and hero's) and that's usually what we do. We just bulk up on batteries and memory cards then worry about editing any pictures of videos when we get home, who wants to waste fishing time scrolling through a camera!?

So... my opinion would be that the screen is an unnecessary need, wastes battery life faster etc.. The biggest advantage to a Hero over the sessions is the batteries, if the session battery runs out you have to charge the entire unit, on the hero's you just plug a new battery in and go.
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