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Discussion in 'Lake Powell Fishing' started by Ed Feller, Mar 21, 2017.

  1. Ed Feller

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    Hit Powell on Wednesday 15th. Got everything loaded on the boat to shuttle to the houseboat. When we went to launch the Lund boat discovered I had blown the gears out of the Merc 150. After taking the lower boot off and visiting several boat repair shops around Bullfrog decided we were screwed. So when life gives you lemons you have to make lemonade. So we headed off to Good Hope with Lund in tow with just a trolling motor. Camped below Good Hope Wednesday night when we ran out of daylight. Thursday camped just below Scorup Canyon. Started fishing rocks around Scorup with watermelon color jigs tipped with night crawlers. Did well on smallies,walleye and the occasional largemouth. Smallmouth were bigger than we’ve seen in past years. Fished for several hours then headed for the Horn. Trolled black and silver wally divers and shad raps 2.5 to 3 mile mph. fishing was not real fast, but neither am I. Ended the three day trip with 157 fish. Not the best as far as catching but then again I’m spoiled. Still any day on Lake Powell is a good Day!


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  2. Dungee Fishing

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    Those spots look familiar! :) 50 fish a day in mid-March aint bad at all!
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  3. Ed, thanks for the report and I like your choice of t-shirts. By the way did you troll with your downriggers and if so what depth were you finding stripers?
  4. Ed Feller

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    Tried the downriggers with no luck. Most fish seemed to be close to the surface. Lures used would dive 12 to 14 feet. trolled at 2.5 to 3 mph. Backed down to 2 mph then back up to 3 mph triggered hits. Lake Powell stars and a good rendition of Dark Star, hard to beat!
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  5. mtnpull

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    I love it. Slow fishing with 157 fish in 3 days and some real lunkers to boot! Nice work!
  6. Gem Morris

    Gem Morris Well-Known Member

    Wow, nice fat stripers!
  7. Dorado

    Dorado Well-Known Member

    Last week looked like one of those weeks where everything comes together...I feel so bad you were only able to catch 147 fish;)

    You need to perfect your long arming technique however:D
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  8. Ryan

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    Not many places that I can think of where 157 fish in 3 days wouldn't be considered spectacular. I love Lake Powell.
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    Nice fish! Did you happen to get a water temp while up there? Will be headed down in a few weeks and am trying to get a idea of temp and where the mud line will be.
  10. wayne gustaveson

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    Surface temperature was 58 degrees all day long from Wahweap to Last Chance
  11. Ed Feller

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    The water temp Saturday was 60.8 from Horn to Four mile.56 to 58 degrees down by Scorup Canyon. What was weird was Saturday we had heavy mud between Fourmile Canyon and the Horn. About 1 pm wind came up and blew it away. Stained but clear after that.
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  12. TundraMan

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    Thanks guys! Seems early this year. Last year was there April 23rd and water in good hope was 57 in the afternoons. May bump up my trip a little.
  13. Dorado

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    We were in GHB April 5-8 last year, and temps were in the mid and even upper 60's by afternoons. The fishing was ridiculous. But after that the stormy weather must have cooled it off....
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  14. mtnpull

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    Today we got on the water just before noon and temps at bullfrog were 60. As the afternoon progressed, it got windy and by the time we got off the water it was 52. :(
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