Good Hope Bay and North

Dan Spitzer

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Launched Saturday morning (7/25/20) and headed north. Set up camp on a finger between Blue Notch and Red. Not the best place for avoiding the wind but we can see both Blue Notch and Red from camp. The Springbar tent, cabana and new Leisure Port proved up to the task Had a wind event that afternoon and during the following two nights. Water temp through Wednesday morning when we left was 81-85. The water slowly turned greener each day. The algae was accumulating more and more each day on the shoreline rocks and tamarisk.

Passing through the lower end of GHB on the way up we witnessed a sustained and strung out boil offshore form the west side of the bay (7:30 a.m.). After getting camp set up, having lunch, rigging rods and sitting out the afternoon wind, we trolled for a short while in Red. One good striper and a big SMB was it. No boils.

Sunday morning we headed to the south end of GHB where we had seen boils on the way up. Windy. Two boats were fishing a boil and we headed that way. The boil broke up and they chased for awhile. With the wind and choppy water we left. Headed up north past the Horn. Trolled the east side between 2 Mile and Trachyte. 2 stripers. No boils. Back to camp. Later that afternoon tried trolling Red with no luck. Sat outside Red watching sporadic splashes off Castle Butte until after the sun went down. No boils.

Monday we headed back to GHB. Started trolling for stripers along the west side. Saw schools suspended at 40' in 60'-80' of water. Fortunately the stripers would chase our lures that were only running about 14' deep. Managed 7 that morning. I tried spooning when they were under the boat without success (surprised to say the least that I couldn't coax a spoon bite). Went back that afternoon and we quickly caught another 5. The stripers then disappeared.

Tuesday morning we fished the shoreline in Ticaboo. I was using a Yammy hologram silver sparkle grub which proved more effective than Gloria's greens and browns. Managed a good number of smaller SMB. Caught a number of sunfish - kept 3 of the big sunfish (the sweet flesh makes great ceviche). Went back and trolled the west side of GHB - nothing. That afternoon, we had our first boil right at the camp. We both ran to the boat and grabbed a rod and managed 3 quick stripers before it ended. All in all, we brought back just enough fish to make the trip (and heat) worthwhile

Headed back to Halls first thing Wednesday morning. Noticed that the RV park was full. The Village store was not open. A lot of potential business going to waste.

Chet Garling

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We fished the boil Dan mentioned on the west side of lower Good Hope south to north along the shore Tuesday landed 100+- by brunch, too windy Wednesday only caught one walleye this trip Green bass were good sizes spooned up larger stripers after boils went down, left as the heat was starting had a great 31st annual family trip!