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Golden Cathedral/Neon Canyon hike - anybody want to go?

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Gem Morris

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Many times on this board we have talked about The Golden Cathedral and compared it to Cathedral in the Desert. For many years I have wanted to do this hike but it requires technical skills and I don't have the gear. I have rappelled before but don't have a lot of technical skills beyond that.

My sister and her husband were coming from Perth Australia to do this hike in May - they have gear and the technical know how. But for now, that is not going to happen.

I searched the web for a guided tour and came to this:


Watch the video on that - it looks really cool!

I'm a little surprised they would charge $1,100 for this trip - seems high, but I'm thinking about pulling the trigger and doing this.

Does anybody here want to join me on this trip? For sure it would be one of those "once in a lifetime" experiences.
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