Glen Canyon Dam Release Schedule for November 2022

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October turned out to be a nice stable month for Lake Powell. The lake came up 6 inches, houseboats at Bullfrog continue to use the launch ramp and we ended up a foot higher than the BOR's end of October "most probable" study projections.

Releases from the dam will be increasing a bit in November and more in December, so the lake will resume it's more typical downward slide until spring runoff occurs.

The scheduled release volume from Glen Canyon Dam for October 2022 was 480,000 acre-feet.
The release volume from for November 2022 will increase to 500,000 acre-feet.
The anticipated release volume for December 2022 is 600,000 acre-feet
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Perhaps a gesture since there was an improvement in conditions? What would make sense to me though is to split the difference as the lake comes up to give a little of that back to increased flows but to keep the trend steady to increasing as much as possible.

This is a similar problem that Mono Lake has been facing for quite a long time, they have a legal decision to raise the lake to a certain level but DWR in LA has been taking the maximum legal amount even during these dry time and that means the lake has never reached that level. They've never voluntarily decreased how much they take in an effort to get the lake up to that level at any point. The thing is they too will soon be faced with a complete cut off if the lake falls below a certain level (they're not far from that level at present - one or two more dry years and they'll be looking at no release from Mono Lake at all).

To me both situations are improved by giving a little short-term.