Gizzard Shad Record

So where are all the big stripers that were supposed to grow huge when the gizzard shad matured? :)
Gizzard shad spawn every year and provide food for stripers. The young fish grow quickly and become too big for stripers to eat after 2 years. After that, they get even bigger, then they spawn and produce more small shad which is great striper forage. Threadfin shad never grow big enough to avoid striper predation. They only have a great spawn about every third year. Threadfin numbers fluctuate and TFS are not always there to provide food for stripers. Having both kinds of shad provides enough forage to keep stripers growing each year.

The larger problem for stripers is that they cannot handle the stress of warm surface water. In 2020 for instance, the 80-85 F blanket of warm water kept stripers from boiling in the lower lake. They hold down at 30 feet or deeper where the water temperature is more compassionate.

If I could control the water temperature I would switch the thermometer to room temperature (72 F) in the summer. But, I really like Lake Powell so I will continue to go out fishing in 105 F summer days. I am glad Fall is close now that October is almost here.
Found this one floundering in Red Canyon last week. 2lbs on the spring scale.


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I can give you a recipe. A long time ago I talked a friend into eating a gizzard shad and then give me a report.
He cooked and then tasted the shad. This was his report when I asked him how he liked it.

I don't know how it tasted because the bones were so numerous that it was like eating a "mouthful of feathers"!