Ghb=fish in a barrel


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I just walked in from a 3 day trip day 1 was at Bullfrog and days 2 and 3 were at ghb. I was a little concered as the temp never went above air 45 degrees on Wednesday. I told everyone to bring their rain gear, as it poured all day Wednesday. The fish did not seem to mind, as I caught about 30 next to the buoys on the south east corner. I then tried a green light and stayed out for about 2 hours after dark. The shad seem to like the green light more than a tweeker likes meth.

On days 2 and 3 I went north to good hope bay. I could do no wrong between 50-60 feet with a yozuri pearl white prismatic lure. I caught roughly 50 fish per day, and could have caught more. I just was tried of cleaning them and ran out of room in my cooler. All of the fish were caught in about 90 feet of water. They were actually coming up about 25 feet to hit my lures. They were all hold overs from last year, because most were in the 24-28 in range.

I did not see a single boil and very little surface action. I also could not get them to hit while spooning for them. I have come to realize that I absolutely suck at jigging. Oh well, there is always a new challenge for fishing.

Depth 55 ft in 125 ft or less overall.
Lure yozuri pearl white prismatic suspending.
speed 2.2-2.6 mph
water temp was between 72-76 degrees.
time all day and night

The bait balls are what came to my green light after 20 min 100 yds out from the boat ramp. If some pictures are duplicates, I am braindamaged and could not figure out how to delete them.
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