Friendship/Dove Canyon Oct 15, 2020

sam s

I got onto the water early and quit fishing by 2. Caught 30 SMB, 1 LMB, and 2 stripers with one being a fat 6 pounder (ate a DT 10 crank) and the other a paper thin 20" 2 1/2 lb sickly looking fish that bit the trolled 10XD crank. Still pretty warm air temps and water temps for what I'd like to see happen but hoping things change in 2 weeks.
There were TW and crank fish early in the back of coves and then points got better. The dbl tail Yamamoto jig easily out produced the Ned rig this go-around. I should've taken a picture of the bigger SMB with a large crawdad claw that was sticking out of it's gill trying to pinch me while getting the TW out of the fish's mouth, that was classic!