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Freeze Dried Striper results


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Several months ago I posted about freeze drying my striper as I was learning how to use the machine. Well, There are several ways that work and work extremely well. I have started trimming and boiling my striper for eight minutes(this is the amount of time for the fish cake recipe.) I then crumble up the fillets to penny size chunks and freeze dry them. Preparing the striper this ways allows for a lot of different uses. I can rehydrate them and make striper patties. I can toss half a cup into a Raman bowl, or make one of several chowders. The wonderful thing about freeze drying is it actually retains its freshness once it has been rehydrated, that has a twenty year shelf life. I have also been freeze drying striper cakes and they work as well. You just steam them for twenty minutes. I have also had great results with Kokanee Processed the same way. I have completely replaced buying canned tuna or salmon.


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