Found an old Tackle box

Found an old "Lake Powell"tackle box last weekend from the late 70's - early 80's.
It was a time machine and had the "Hot lure" from that time.
Some of us old timers will remember this one.
My father started our adventure at Powell in 1977 and we have been on the lake ever since.
In the spring when the water level dropped we would walk the shores picking up treasures, some of the lures had to be repaired (you can see the gold and black paint job).
The Silver one caught a 23# stripper in Warm Creek in July 1982.


Edward Gerdemann

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Those Waterdogs and Hellbenders will really dive deep. They are great walleye lures, too. My parents and I caught a lot of walleyes on them at Bull Shoals Lake in Arkansas, and there's no doubt they'd catch 'em in Powell as well as stripers and bass. The bigger models will dive to 40 feet plus on a flat line troll with about 75 yards of line let out.

Another trick you can try is tie on a three-way swivel to your main line and two droppers off the swivel. Use the Waterdog/Hellbender on the bottom dropper and something like an ACME Kastmaster or Sidewinder spoon on the top dropper. That was a deadly combination for white bass/black bass (largemouth/smallmouth/spotted) and walleyes on Bull Shoals. I'm sure it would be excellent for stripers and bass on Powell. :)

Ed Gerdemann