Forgotten 9/12-9/14

Fished Forgotten 9/12-9/14. All stripers were caught on strike king 5xds in sexy shad in the back of the all three forgotten fingers. Tried other colors, and brands, no bueno. Tried berkley dredgers 25.5 no bueno. I don't have downrigger capability. Tried spooning and white twisters, were I caught fish, no bueno.

Brought up a few smallmouth with a chrome blue back rattle trap. Largemouth were hitting top water spooks and d shads in the trees I could find. Did not use ned rigs, senkos, or hula grubs this trip.

No boils, but the evening of the 14th shad started to really ball up and tickle the surface in the backs of the fingers.

Other side note. It seemed like there was a houseboat or cuddy cabin on every available square inch of real estate in every canyon until Knowles. Even in groups of 2s 3s and 4s. Whether anchored safely or not. My party wanted to stop in forgotten so I explored but remained there due to general frustration. Honestly, the amount of sh!t people bring - paddle boards, kayaks, jet skis, small ski boats, big a$$ rubber ducky and unicorn floaty chairs for six people, and a myriad of other useless crap - just flat out AMAZES ME. And that was every single boat. Saw a group of four loading stuff at the marina that I could have lived off of for six months. If the marina stopped trucking that stuff in for them it would put a stop to that real quick