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Fly Fishing Q&A


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Headed down for my first trip to Powell (picture is a wiper I caught at Willard bay on a size 10 wholly sight fishing carp)

I fish the Weber, and the ogden mostly, have had a lot of luck throwing flies at pineview. I’m a little intimidated by Powell, and wondering if anyone has any tips, we’ll be camped in padre bay, and all I have to fish off of is a paddle board.. (in-laws don’t want me fishing on their fancy ski boats) from what I’ve read I don’t think there is anyway I can chase down a slurp from a paddle board.. I want to cast to slurping/boiling stripers so bad.. but don’t know if it’s even possible, I’d love to have a conversation with anyone willing to help me out, let me know and I can give you my phone number, any help would be appreciated, thanks!

I'll send you a message with my phone number. Take up TR on his advice as well.

I've caught fish off a paddle board at Powell but it isn't easy. Even with my bass boat and foot controlled trolling motor that moves my boat faster than any slurp, it can still be a challenge to get positioned to cast a fly at a slurp. If you are lucky and have a slurp come close enough then you could get them off the paddle board. If you are skilled on a paddle board and with your fly rod, then you have an even better chance.

Until you have seen a number of slurps, it can be difficult to spot and recognized many of the visible slurps. I still get temporarily fooled by wind gusts cause light ripples on an otherwise calm bay. Most of slurps move at the pace of a fast walk and have anywhere from 20 to 100+ stripers. After spotting a slurp, the first goal is to determine the direction they are moving. They can suddenly change direction or go down and then reappear. When they do go down, they will often reappear nearby sometime in the next few minutes. They will take a slow moving fly but if I'm fishing a lure, I will often move it as fast as I can real to trigger a strike.
The attached image below shows a slurp from a few days ago.

There are many other pictures of slurps on here that you can look at.

I have some videos. I'll see if I can figure out how to load them.

Attached are some flies that were effective for me early this week.
The smaller one is on a size 10 hook and based off TR.'s design but I didn't have any EP fibers or better saltwater hook available. The large is a small bunny fly that I've used for slurping stripers effectively for several years. The exact fly isn't near as important as getting the fly in-front of the slurp. I was also using 16lb fluorocarbon as my tippet. The 16lb line barely fit through the eye of the #10 hook. You don't need to use something light like a 5X tippet. Heavier tippet allows me to land them fast so I can get my line back out there and get another one. I also don't have to retie as often when I have slurping stripers in casting range.
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