Flipping at Lake Powell?

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I am going to give out one of my secrets for anyone interested.
Flipping shade and brush. I have been doing this for a number of years and it catches lots of bass.
I use a swivel jig head and creature baits and pitch or flip to the shady side of rocks and boulders. I use 10-16# flouro leader and different size jigheads depending on water depth. Regular jigs and plastics will work, but I found better success on creature baits. Just toss to the shady side if rocks and boulders or drop-offs and watch your line closely. It will jump or move away. I also toss these behind brush and stick-ups and let it sit for a couple of seconds then move it through slowly. I rig them up weedless and they come through pretty easily.
Sometimes if they take off with the bait like a freight train, that usually means there more fish close by, so toss it in a few times.


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