Flagstaff, AZ records top 10 snowfall event...

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20170125_094153 (1).jpg Although the actual numbers are still being tallied what we do know is that we have made history with the last wave of pacific storms and this bodes well for us in Northern Arizona. Hoping our local lakes fill and spill this year. It has been a long time since we've seen that!

Well over 3' of water dense snow on the ground. Also important was the fact that the ground was already saturated by rains we received leading up to this event. It has been really wet here all year. Cold temps and clear skies ahead.

Heard this morning on our local radio station that Lake Powell is likely to see a 40% increase in inflow this year compared to last year. No doubt, much more to come on this exciting topic as the data is collected.


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Dam Jeff that is a short mail box. Makes 6" of snow look 3 foot deep.

Looks like allot of snow. Hope some of it melts before the next storm or you won't get any mail.

Think you need another trip to the lake to get out of the snow.
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