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Fishing Newbie--Help?

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New to the forum here. Our family has been going to Powell for 20+ years. We've always talked about fishing at Powell and this year we wanna give it a go.

We always park the houseboat in Last Chance Bay.

Anybody know what bait and lures will catch which fish in Last Chance Bay? Any hot spots around there?

If this has already been posted I apologize. I haven't found any beginner tips (particularly about Last Chance Bay) on this forum.

Thank you in advance!

wayne gustaveson

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Slurping stripers - Top water lures are my favorite. Right now I am using the Ima Skimmer (white with chartreuse stripe). Go look for surface action from 6-9 AM. They are where you find them. Most recently at Gregory Butte and Buoy 25 which are close to LC.

Smallmouth bass - Yamamoto shad shaped worms fished on drop shot rig at 20-30 feet. Look at rock slides in the longer coves. Lots of fish in Last Chance.
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Troll Neanderthal with fire tigers and experiment with different crankbaits. Try trolling a 3/8-1/2 oz jig head with chartruese, root beer, or watermelon single or double tail 4" grubs. The wall between L.C. and Frienship is good all the way to the cove where the floating restroom is at the entrance to Rock Creek. Love Middle Rock Creek and around the islands towards Dungeon, all within about 5 miles from the entrance to L.C.. Grubbing the rock slides may catch about anything. That's a great area. The flats behind the islands hold walleye and lmb.
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