Fish Bake - Phil Roundy

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½ Cup chopped celery ¼ t sp pepper
½ Cup chopped green onion ¼ t sp sugar
4 T sp Margarine ¼ t sp salt
½ t sp Bon Appetite spice ¼ t sp Tarragon Leaves
½ t sp Lemon & Herb seasoning 3 T sp flour
1 ½ Cups milk Fish Fillets
Graded cheese (2 parts Cheddar, 1 part Parmesan, and 1 part Munster.)
(Boneless, skinless chicken can be substituted for the fish in a pinch.)

Place in pan: Med. heat
½ Cup chopped celery
½ Cup chopped green onion
4 T sp Margarine
Cook until tender.

Blend in: Low heat
Bon Appetite spice
Lemon & Herb seasoning
Tarragon Leaves

Slowly mix in milk. Raise temp and thicken slightly. Then, remove from heat.

In a baking pan, layer meat and sauce. Two layers. Meat, sauce, meat, sauce.

Bake uncovered, 45 min. @ 350 degrees. Add cheese and bake for another 10 or 15 minutes.
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