First timer, advice appreciated

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  1. We beach camp and have for 43 yrs. Over those years, we've learned to pre-cook any meals that we could and freeze them to use as ice in the coolers. Try not to overpack, as it will put weight in your boat. And one invaluable thing that I've learned is to make some anchors to tie on all corners of your tent and bury them. Mine are about 12 inches long; you can make them out of plywood or two by fours or something to put in the ground. I also poor sand on them and then water and then some more sand and then more water until the hole is full. Once those dry, it's virtually impossible to pull them out. Like one poster said, do not use the stakes that come with your tent; if some by chance, you have a big microburst come through while you're gone, you will be fishing your tent out of the lake! This happened two years ago to one of our neighbors in the canyon we were camping in. As far as camp spots South lake, I'm not much help; I'm a northern boy . One more piece of advice I have is don't overthink this; you got it! You'll have a great time! The best time I've ever been to Lake Powell is in September.
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    Once again, just when I start thinking I know sumpthin I have to ask,,,, what the heck is cid. After all, I am a southerner.
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    Your tent anchoring advice looks anal but is perfect.
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    We are south enders too. CID is the Cathedral In the Desert! Up the Escalante arm, Awesome. but probably underwater again. We were able to see it when the lake was at 3555.
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    Good tents also have guide lines coming off the sides of the tents, use them. I see most people just leave them hanging. I have seen tents withstand 60 mph winds when they are guided out correctly, and that same tent not guided out correctly will crush flat in 25 mph winds..........

    FYI, you are not buying a good tent at Wal Mart or Big 5 either, buy a good one that will last.
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    Wow. I didn't expect such an outpouring of support and knowledge!

    Thank you everyone. I think I got this :)
    I'm super excited now. One more week!
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    There is still plenty of CID to see at the current lake level.
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    For firewood look at this. I get from ace hardware $15. Easy to pack and not messy. Burns for two hours. You can also use dura flame.

    We had a 20' 1993 sea ray with 30 gal tank and v8. Got comfortable enough with it that I did not carry extra fuel. I go to dangling rope, fill up and then rainbow with no problem. Can make it all the way back without a refill if we don't go of course. Never tried it, but I think this boat would make it to dangling rope and back on one tank.

    I also have hummingbird depth finder with the lakemaps card that is awesome on the lake to show you depth. You can also get the navionics app for your phone, it's $10 and I think you will find it very useful on the lake if your depth finder does not have a map. The navionics app lets you download the map so cell service is not needed. Dangling rope as well as all the bouys will be on the map.

    As far as camping there are a lot of spots early in the morning, tougher to find later in the day. With your boat you have more options than a house boat. In general, Most good spots will be within the first half mile of most canyons. The further you go in the less spots.

    We bring a pot to boil water and eat mre's. Starbucks vue is also an excellent tasting instant coffee.
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    This time of year the good news is that you will have a relatively empty lake to enjoy. BUT, not many people have talked about the fickle weather on Powell so your 20 footer will need to be very attentive to wind and waves. It is a long way to go up lake and old boats equals things to go wrong. Don't leave the dock without alternate power in the form of a kicker. Motors only fail on the lake during the times when you are trying to get tucked away for the night or when the wind and waves are whipping or when there are no other boats or NPS in the area to save yer butt. A kicker is the single most important safety device to have on board, next to good life preservers. I also wouldn't venture out onto Lake powell without a decent marine radio for emergency communications. Also, remember much of the wonder of Lake Powell is in the details of what you see around you. Ripping up the lake on plane will cause you, the skipper to miss much of what makes Powell special. I recommend combining a series of off-plane slow cruises for you to rest and to take in the true beauty of Powell. When I had a planing boat, I mixed a half hour on plane with a half hour off-Plane. Your fuel will thank you and your eyes and ears will thank you. Now I have a displacement hull boat that lets me see the lake at about 7 mph maximum and I've never enjoyed the lake as much. In fact, I keep the speed usually to around 5 or 6 mph. Yes, it takes me two wonderful days to get from Wahweep to mid lake, but what fine things there are to please the eye and ears and nose and the sound of water lapping at 5 mph and the magic of an off-plane wake is a treat.
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    fickle weather for sure, we have power poles down in page, wind gusts around 50-55, sideways rain, she can turn on you in a min.
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    I hope everyone is ok at the lake.

    I launched at Lee's ferry and camped at horseshoe bend Thursday night. I experienced the storm in the canyon. It was incredibly powerful, damn near lost the whole camp.

    On my way to Lee's ferry to load up and head to lake powell., My intermediate drive shaft seized (reasons unknown but I lost steering also so I have an idea) and the torque cracked my out drive housing so I got a nice tow back to Lee's ferry and drove 7 hours back to Tucson.

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    Wow - sorry! If it weren't for bad luck you wouldn't have any luck at all!!
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    Potter water, I wish I'd seen your post earlier. I had debated whether or not to find a way to mount my 10hp outboard back there. Good solid advice that I will be following no matter what lake I'm headed to now.

    Gem Morris, buddy you are correct. I've had a black cloud over me apparently. Lol but we are all safe and sound, that's the most important part :)
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    Goblin, you started my day off with some world-class humor. And being a Norwegian, even funnier...