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  1. Kurt Douglas

    Kurt Douglas Member

    I am just curious, what is everyone's favorite bait/lure to throw into the boils?
  2. Lance Cue

    Lance Cue Well-Known Member

    White gulp minnow on 1/4 oz jighead works well
  3. cfulton

    cfulton Well-Known Member

    Depends on your goal. If you like the blast of a striper knocking your lure half way back to the boat, there are many surface lures, most of which are listed in Wayne's lure lists. If you have rookies or youngsters on board I switch them to a white or blue/white bucktail jig. They can throw it a mile, it catches as many, if not more, than surface lures. The advantage of this is you no longer have treble hooks in the equation. Fish can be unhooked much easier/quicker, you don't have to dislodge hooks from deck carpet, nets, fingers and almost everything else in the boat. My go to lure if I had to fish for survival would be the white bucktail jig. Chuck
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  4. Chet Garling

    Chet Garling Well-Known Member

    1/4 oz jig head with bargain basement rubber worms chartreuse or white.
  5. linnell

    linnell Active Member

    compact 1/4 oz spinnerbait
  6. Reed

    Reed Well-Known Member

    3oz Cotton Cordel silver spoon. Casts far and can be dropped if they go down. Works great for me.
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  7. MrDeeds970

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  8. Kurt Douglas

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  9. GregC

    GregC Well-Known Member

    My favorite technique as well, but silver or silver/blue Kastmasters in 1 or 1-1/2 oz. You can fast retrieve across the surface (rod tip UP) or if they go down you can count it down to depth and "jerk bait" it or "jig" it back to the boat. Often the "big-uns" will cruise below the school, waiting for something to fall down to their more temperature comfortable depth.
    I always have a second rod with a Kastmaster ready to go while I'm using a top water popper at first(cause its just so much fun!), but I usually wait 'till I have fish in the boat to pick up the topwater rig.

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  10. MrDeeds970

    MrDeeds970 Member

    I think the silver/smoke or the silver/natural both are pretty good
  11. FlyRamsey7

    FlyRamsey7 Member

    Half ounce white Bucktail jig. Danielson. You can throw it at the school & reel right through the surface boil or let it sink if they sound
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    GPSPOWELL Member

    Yozuri Mag Popper (No longer made) for LONG casting and guaranteed striper attraction. Second choice: Excaliber Zara Spook Jr. in blue hologram (Bill Dance signature). Anne doesn't bother with the surface action, she starts right of spooning below the boils with a WallyLure 1 1/2 oz. jig (No longer made). Anything in your tackle box that they will hit is the best lure.
  13. cfulton

    cfulton Well-Known Member

    I used to make my own surface poppers. Use 3/4" dowel (4-41/2 " long) and shape it on a lathe with a tapered tail. Cut the nose on a bevel then route out a cup shaped in the tapered nose with a large drill bit. This will give the popper action. I then dip them in a clear wood sealer to insure they did not soak up water. After that dries, I dip them in white enamel paint and dip the head about 1" in cardinal red. A small olive jar works well for dipping the paint. When dry install 3 small eye screws in the nose cup, mid way back on the bottom and the tail. Load the eyes with a hook of your choice. They will work as well as any store bought lure in boils and the bonus is you made it yourself. You can also add body art with colored magic markers and/or glitter. The stripers will not care...they love it all. Chuck PS: I quit giving them to Wayne, he kept loosing them on fish :)
  14. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    I kept asking Chuck to include WW or wayneswords in the body art but he never did that. I am sure stripers would hit it better if they thought they could get 15 seconds of fame by appearing on the website being held by Chuck Fulton :)

    Its hard to find something boiling fish wont hit in a decent boil. It is just as important to position the boat correctly so a long cast can reach the fish without spooking the school. Find fish, get close but not too close and then enjoy catching them on your favorite lure.
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  15. Dungee Fishing

    Dungee Fishing Well-Known Member

    We actually tested this out last trip. They wouldn't hit the top water mouse.
  16. GregC

    GregC Well-Known Member

    Try wrapping it in aluminum foil! :) The very first boil I ever got into, I thought to myself "You could catch them on a shoe spoon if it had a hook". I still feel pretty much the same way!
  17. wayne gustaveson

    wayne gustaveson Administrator Staff Member

    For those that want to see a Chuck Fulton Surface lure made out of 3/4 inch wooden dowell. Here is what they look like. YES I have caught a number of stripers in boils on this lure 20170912_083023.jpg .
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  18. Steve Moore

    Steve Moore Well-Known Member

    I'm old school. I love super spooks with front hook removed.
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  19. richyd4u

    richyd4u Member

    1 oz KM...either in all silver or blue/silver. Hard to beat IMO. Burn it on top for explosive topwater takes, subsurface, or jigging. White bucktail jigs in white would be my second, probably tied with a super spooks. It did feel like we could throw anything out there our last trip and they would hit it. Incredible boil sizes! Love it!
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