Farley Canyon in a tin can?

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Do you guys with more experience think it would be safe to go down and launch in Farley Canyon with a 12' aluminum boat with a 10 HP outboard and fish Striper City area?

John P Funk

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At this water level Farley may be a little tricky. The water should be up in the "turnaround" at the end of the road, which forces you to back down around the rock blocking the road. It may be high enough to launch further up the draw, but I think your best bet would be to launch at Hite and motor down to Stiper City(only takes a few minutes). Sounds like there are a few folks around Hite at any one time, so there's help and conversation if you need/want it.


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Sean, first of all, how many of you are going, I use to put my 12 ft boat in there, with a 9.9 motor, and it was work. But was worth it. I think you would be safer, at Farley's, and if weather is good, and no crazy boater's flying buy you,out in Striper city, you would be fine. If not, stay in Farley's.
One more thing, how deep, and stable, of a 12ft boat? That make's a big difference.
Good luck, and have a good one.


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Sean, hopefully this will make sense and be helpful to you. I took this image off my phones google earth, in the pic the water level is much lower than it is right now. My best guess is that the current water level is somewhere near the blue mark I put on the picture. The yellow line is the road that straddles the top of the southeast side of the draw. Near the bottom of the yellow line is the turn around area John mentioned that is currently underwater so that probably isn't an option. Your only option for Farley right now is to cut over near or at the spot where i put the green line, if you're brave enough you can navigate your way down (we have taken that similar route) to where the water line is and try launching in that area.

With your set up and the water situation though I'd just put in at Hite and go boat camp at the mouth of Farley. Hope this helps.


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Do you guys with more experience think it would be safe to go down and launch in Farley Canyon with a 12' aluminum boat with a 10 HP outboard and fish Striper City area?
If I was you I would go down knowing that you can launch at Hite. It is not very far to Farley and you can run over there and walk down and decide for your self it launching is possible or not. I think in a 12 ft aluminum boat you would be better in Farley than Hite, just in case a wind come up. If the weather is good you will be fine at Hite. From Farley slip around the point and try White as well as Farley.
Thanks for the input. I would prefer to not launch at Hite and motor down. I have done that multiple times in our 18' run about and it just doesn't seem like it would be fun, as slow as my little aluminum boat is. The boat is very stable deep v and I will be alone. Hopefully most of the crazy boaters are done for the year. If I go if will likely be mid week and maybe that will help. I will definitely pay attention to the weather. I have seen some of the fast moving storms blow over the top of the canyon rims and drop into the canyon and get bad in a hurry. Here's to hoping my daughter gets a deer opening weekend so I have time to give this a shot. Thanks.
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